Red Watts - UK Rock Band playing origianal songs and covers

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Here is a small selection of some LIVE videos:-   (There are more videos YouTube)   Sorry they don't feature the new 5 piece lineup but we'll have some new video footage soon.....

Here is a video shot at The Railway and Linnet, Middleton, Manchester on 2nd July 2016 for an outdoor biker party. Videographer Stephen Davies.


Here is a video shot at The Slaughterhouse, Liverpool  on 25th June 2016. Videographer Stephen Davies.



Below is a selection of originals and covers recorded live at The Ship & Anchor, Southport on Friday 1st April 2016 featuring the new 2016 lineup of the band courtesy of Chris Oliver and End Of Entertainment

Songs include: -

  • Bad Woman (Red Watts)

  • Black Lake (Red Watts)

  • Have My Say (Red Watts)-

  • Dark Passenger (Red Watts)-

  • Hey Hey My My (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

  • Queen Of The Nile (Red Watts)-

  • Gay Bar (Electric Six)

  • Rocking In The Free World (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)








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