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  was formed in January 2015 by Merseyside guitarist and songwriter Chris Evans. Chris has played in various bands and frequently gigged around the country between 1997-2002. After taking an 11 year sabbatical Chris then felt the time was tight to get back in to the music business and started a cover band. This triggered more song writing and after writing several new songs Chris decided to form an original band and Red Watts was born.

He was joined by lead guitarist Paul Latham. Paul, originally from the Lake District, had also played in a number of bands based around the North West of England. He brought a style of guitar that both suits the songs and affords great originality. Paul left the band at the end of 2015 to be replaced by Owen Thomas in January 2016. Owen, originally from Anglesey, is a seasoned musician of some 30 years. He brings a wealth of experience to the band in terms of playing and gigging. His guitar style ranges from Pink Floyd to Neil Young expanding on the extensive repertoire of cover songs Red Watts can perform live.

Drummer Johnny Fontaine hails from Blackpool. The driving drums provide the foundation for the sound that Red Watts achieves - both original and subtle but packing a full power punch. A very tight sound is achieved. Jonny is also one of the bookies favourites to take over Blackpool Football Club.

Bassist Howard Page from Bolton has also played in a range of bands both in the North West and, from 2001 to 2014 Scotland, where he played with The Menu Band - one of the leading rock bands performing around Loch Lomond at Corporate Events, Private Functions and Weddings. He moved back to the Northwest late 2014.

Together the band produces a very original sound. The band's songs, whilst packing a punch, also deliver a melody that you will find hard to discard. The band is in the process of recording their record their debut album. They are available to play gigs throughout the North West - Watch this space.

In September 2016 RED WATTS performed alongside The Feeling and The Darkness at Catton Park Festival. There are some picture below of this gig and other festivals and venues.

In early 2018 Chris Evans decided to leave the band with a view to emigrating to Germany in an attempt to get a sun lounger whilst on holiday in Europe. At this juncture it was decided to expand the lineup and Chris's shoes were filled by Dave Westlake on lead vocals and Paul Murray on rhythm guitar. You'll recognise them as they only wear one shoe each. Luckily Paul is left footed. The band is now in it's third generation lineup and going from strength to strength.



We are often asked what genre of music we play. Well it is rock, a little progressive at times but always hot. Hot Rock. Red Hot Rock. Hot original songs and, where required, carefully selected covers. And duvets. With snuggly pillow cases. Hotter than a 15 tog duvet in fact. With a blanket on top - an electric blanket that is. Now that's hot! Gas mark 13. In the Summer... with the heating on and the windows all closed. With the flu, two pairs of pyjamas under a onesie and two pairs of bed socks. With a Wee Willie Winky hat. Next to Kelly Brook... or Kelly Le Brock...or better still between both of them; smeared all over in phal sauce whilst eating a vindaloo. With a bra on your head to finish things off. That's hot. Imagine that hot and you are somewhere near the genre of rock music Red Watts play. The name Red Watts, sometimes referring to Paolo's valves, incidentally, is also much hotter than Modern Bromance which was never really a serious contender in the first place. Genre? - Let's just say Rock.


We are primarily a rock band; as indeed the convoluted wording above strongly alludes to. But rock is a wide genre - it ranges from poppy stuff to punky stuff and we embrace all of this and more. It allows us to tailor our set to a particular venue. Some of the places we play prefer 70's classic rock, some prefer 80's and some prefer more modern stuff with classics thrown in. Any good covers band will have a large repertoire to accommodate the needs of each and every venue they play and we are no exception. We cover tracks by the following artists: -  (and more that I can't remember off the top of my bald head)

T-Rex, Kinks,  Rolling Stones,  Steppenwolf,  David Bowie,  Blondie,  Neil Young,  Black Sabbath,  AC/DC,  Led Zeppelin,

Bon Jovi,  Judas Priest,  Eagles,  Billy Idol,  Sex Pistols,  Red Hot Chilly Peppers,  Robert Palmer,  Blur,  Beatles,

Killers,  Kaiser Chiefs,  Electric Six,  White Stripes,  Oasis,  Blink182,  Stereophonics,  REM,  Buzzcocks,

Green Day,  Dandy Warholes,  Lenny Kravitz,  Weezer,  The Automatic,  Beastie Boys  and Red Watts if you like originals.

We rehearse regularly to learn new material. Whilst the list is quite disparate, our style brings all these songs together into a cohesive set of upbeat, danceable tunes through a top quality sound system. What more could an honest punter want? That's what we look for when watching a band so we strive to offer the same to our adoring public. And strangers..... and the odd weirdo - there's always one of those.

By the way (yes we do cover that great Chillies tune) if you book us for a wedding or function then we'll learn your chosen first dance number of special tune if we don't already know it. So that's us.

In the meantime visit our LISTEN page to listen to a few snippets of some of the songs plus live recordings (yes we are brave but confident in our abilities). Forthcoming gig dates will be posted on the GIGS page.    #RedWatts

To contact the band please visit our Contact Us page.  We are looking for additional dates for 2018  'Lock Up Your Mothers' tour.......

Red Watts live at Catton Park Festival alongside The Feeling and The Darkness 


Red Watts live at Catton Park Festival alongside The Feeling and The Darkness  Red Watts live at Catton Park Festival alongside The Feeling and The Darkness

Red Watts live at Catton Park Festival alongside The Feeling and The Darkness  Red Watts live at Catton Park Festival alongside The Feeling and The Darkness

Red Watts live at The Waterloo, Blackpool Sat 18th Jun e 2016

Red Watts polaying at the Eaglefest Festival in Blackpool


What Banksy would do if he had bothered to come to one of our gigs  8-)

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