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                Bed & Breakfast, Arrochar, Scotland


Breakfast Menu

From the buffet
Cereals, Fresh orange juice, fruit yoghurts & fresh fruit

To Order
Whole Oat Porridge or Greek Yoghurt with or without Honey 

Main Courses
TwoStones Mountain Breakfast.
Robertsons back bacon, link sausage, Stornoway black pudding, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms & fried egg.

Continental style plate

Salami, ham, cheeses, tomato & fresh bread rolls served with side jug of extra virgin olive oil. 

Lighter options
Scottish smoked Salmon & Scrambled egg on toast
Poached eggs on brown toast with plum or  tomato

plain, mushroom or bacon
Waffles with bacon & Buckwud maple syrup
Bacon or sausage sandwich in a soft white roll 

Brown & White toast, Marmalade & fruit jam

Tea selection
Yorkshire Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Green tea or decaffeinated

Coffee selection
Colombian, Java or Ethiopian filter, Kenco instant & decaffeinated
Served black, or with milk or cream upon request

All ingredients cooked in vegetable or olive oil. Meats cooked separately.

Please ask if you need allergy advice.
All products & ingredients subject to availability.