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Meal Times         

Our menu works on a fortnightly basis, which changes every 3 months. We are a healthy preschool setting; we follow the change 4 life guidelines for our menu choices as well as teaching children the importance of a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Our menu is always available for parents to take home a copy and a comprehensive allergens list is available.


We cater for all dietary requirements with advance notice.

10:00am - Morning snack - Fresh fruit with water or milk

12:00pm - Lunch & pudding with water

2:00pm - Afternoon snack - Fresh fruit with water or milk

4:30pm - Tea & fresh fruit with water

Baby Milk

Formula bottle feeds must be made on site so we ask parents to provide bottles and powder to enable us to make milk as and when required. We follow strict guidelines for preparing formula feeds and ensure that bottles are thoroughly washed and sterilised after each use.



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