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Baby Room - Staff Ratio 1:3

The Baby room offers a friendly relaxed family atmosphere for children, from 6 weeks to 2 years to develop. The babies can explore and learn through one to one activities with staff and play equipment provided. Stimulation at a young age encourages happy, inquisitive babies to become confident toddlers ready to grasp the concepts of learning skills for later on in life. The babies are encouraged to join in simple activities, which improve their mental and social awareness.


The babies have a cot room; where we allocate a cot to each child. The babies can use this room throughout the day to suit their daily routine. During the time that the babies are sleeping we use a monitor as well as the staff carrying out 10 minute physical checks.


Babies are regularly taken out for walks to town to the pet shop and the duck pond for a picnic.


We believe in the development of the whole child. We recognise that each child is different and that they should be allowed to develop at their own pace.



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