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Our PetsThumper and Thistle

On Tuesday 8th may 2012 we acquired our latest additions to our family in the form of 2, 8 week old, miniature lop chinchilla rabbits! This caused great excitement amongst the children who had been waiting for their arrival at nursery. The rabbits were greeted by the Red room and Blue room children. The children have named them Thumper and Thistle. The pre-school children are actively helping to care for the rabbits on a daily basis. From the pre-school to the youngest babies, all of the children are taking great delight in watching the rabbits play and feeding them treats such as left over greens etc.


Here are some more pictures of our pets: -





Update 18th March 2013

The rabbits are now getting used to their new harnesses which allows the children to walk them around the playground and also around the field for some fresh grass. Hopefully we will continue to keep them away from our allotment which is currently being replanted after our radishes were overcome with slugs!




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