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I am Maureen Campbell and I specialise in massage treatments to relieve stress and muscular discomfort and a host of other common complaints.

Here are details of some of the treatments I offer: -

Swedish Relaxation

Using elongated sweeping movements to stimulate the blood flow, this relaxation massage is the ideal way for you to sweep away the stresses of everyday life. Swedish massage is deep enough to loosen aching backs and tired muscles, whilst remaining soothing, relaxing and totally indulgent.

Hot Stones Massage

Massage Therapy Glasgow - Swedish Hot Stones Massage by Maureen CampbellHot Stones Massage involves the use of heated black volcanic rocks of varying sizes to apply pressure to the body. It is quite an experience; the stones retain their heat throughout and can be used to give you both light and deep tissue massage, whilst the heat directly relaxes the muscles. This creates a double effect which is both soothing and therapeutic.

The heated stones expand the blood vessels, which helps your body eliminate unwanted waste materials, whilst giving you a sedative effect.

When you experience a hot stones massage, you may notice improvement with the following symptoms: -

Muscular aches and pains
Poor circulation
Rheumatic and arthritic conditions
Back pain
Stress, anxiety and tension

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage Therapy Glasgow - Deep Tissue Massage by Maureen CampbellDeep tissue massage can improve flexibility by loosening up tight tender points. Muscles and joints that have become stiff from overuse, injury or a disease such as fibromyalgia, become more relaxed after being manipulated and left to heal, allowing patients more mobility and range of motion.

Deep Tissue Massage is ideal if you experience aches and pains in and around the spine (particularly office workers and travellers) and is extremely good post injury. This is the best massage to maintain the health of your body as it eliminates muscle spasm which builds up with stress and strain. The strokes used are similar to those in a Swedish Massage except more pressure is used and it uses cross grain strokes (strokes that go across the gain of the muscles instead of with the grain).



I operate from within the prestigious Harvest Clinic, 201, St. Georges Rd. Glasgow  G3 6JE every Monday 10am-9pm and Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday 10am-5pm. The Harvest Clinic is situated in a beautifully restored, Victorian, listed building at St. George’s Cross, Glasgow (just along from Charing Cross) and the clinic has been established since 1987.

To make an appointment with me at either my Tuesday or Wednesday clinic please telephone the Harvest Clinic directly on 0141 333 0878 and ask for me by name. My mobile number is 07845 536457 or please feel free to email me at